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3D Drawing Printer Pen ( The II Style )

Item No:Pen-V2
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3D Drawing Printer Pen
Extrusion mode:Melting
Drawing margin:None
Width of extrusion:Manual
Material used:ABS PLS
Diameter of material:1.75mm
Speed of extrusion:adjustable
Nozzle hole size:0.7mm
Theological extrusion quantity:0.076-0.86m per minute.Adjustable
Melting temp of material:ABS(210-235ºC) PLA(160-210ºC)
Adapter current:110V-240V 3A
Pen electric spec:DC12V 2A 24W
The DC head diameter:5.5mm*2.2mm

Pen size:184*31*46mm

Internal Contents:    3D Pen,Manual,Testing filament,Adapter.


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