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13 in 1 Solar Power Robot educational Kit

Item No:KM2115A
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Solar energy really seems to be taking off, and it's about time too. The 13 in 1 Solar Robot Kit takes full advantage of that flaming ball of gas, not 93,000,000 miles away, we lovingly call the sun. It's a DIY beginner's kit that's perfect for anyone with more than a passing interest in robots (which is everyone, surely?). You can build the kit 14 different ways. Not only is it really fun to make but it's great for showing you solar power in action, so it's educational as well as fun to make.

Easy to follow instructions make it perfect for beginners.
For best results use outside in direct sunlight.
The kit will not work in cloudy or shady locations or under a fluorescent light.
The solar module powers the gearbox.
Suitable for ages 10 years +.

Size: -

  • Solar Surf-bot                    12.3*8.5*6.5cm
  • Solar Boat-bot                   8*8.5*6 cm
  • Solar Walker-bot              17.1*9.3*9.5cm
  • Solar Crab-bot                   18.2*25.5*9cm
  • Solar Slither-bot               11.5*9.4*8.5cm
  • Solar Beetle-bot               12*7.2*9cm
  • Solar Turtle-bot               13*7*10cm
  • Solar Auto-bot                  9.2*9*8cm
  • Solar Row-bot                  15*9*9.5cm
  • Solar Dog-bot                   7.7*9.3*9.3cm
  • Solar Zomble-bot              8.5*8.5*13.7cm
  • Solar Roly poly-bot          29*17.5*8cm
  • Solar Quadru-bot            18.7*25.5*10cm

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