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Promotional Solar Powered T3 Harnesses Robot

Item No:KM2019-Se
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Much like our 6 in 1 Solar Powered Robot, this T3 Robot harnesses the power of the sun to make your day that little bit more interesting. Unlike the rather cutesy 6 in 1, however, the T3 takes a slightly more aggressive stance - once you've built it you can turn it into either a tank, a scorpion or a standard robot (we're not sure there's such a thing as a standard robot, but there we are). And if those three different guises aren't enough for you then, well, you're just no fun, are you? What's not to like about a solar-powered scorpion that waddles across your desk like some mechanised arthropod? That's right - nothing.

Being a solar-powered robot or tank or scorpion, the T3 requires no batteries whatsoever, just a healthy glare of sunshine. Or, given the notoriety of our island's native climate, a functioning light bulb. It's a great little gizmo for keeping on your desk, and even better for kids who take an interest how things work. Piecing the thing together in the first place is a rewarding task to complete, and once that's finished the fun really begins. Ingenious design and an eco-friendly message - what could be better?

 1.The T3 Robot will, once assembled turn into a Scorpion, a Tank or a more conventional robot.
2.Just leave it in the sun and watch your robot move about.
3.Solar power means no batteries or fossil fuels - eco-friendly.
4.Great educational tool for kids.
5.Also great to have on your desk for when you're bored of work.
6.Requires assembly: 70-piece kit.
7.Requires screwdriver for assembly.
8.Solar panel output: 75mA.
9.Solar cell lifespan: 2 years with normal use.
10.Suitable for ages 8 years +.
11.Size:6.3 x 11 x 8 cm (though sizes do vary depending on which position you have it in).

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